Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Hi Guys n gals,

Firstly I have to confess that, I'm cheating a little bit.  I'm actually 49 and 3/4 but hey want to rejoice just the same on the big 50 coming up soon.

I've never been a person afraid to say her age or never hid away from the fact that I'm about to get grey and have the usual ailments I assumed a person heading towards that age and onwards would have but I have been proved so wrong.

Because 50, ladies and gentlemen is truly the new middle age and for some like myself I can honestly say..that it is when life begins.

The pressures you face in your 40's because your told this is when you suppose to reach your goals, grab opportunities etc etc, however  I have found that during your 40's is when you decide whether you will keep going straight ahead or is it time to take a left or right turn.

And then like a POW...50 hits you and you suddenly  have a clearer view of who you are and what you want to become.

I feel so gifted in life to be able to have done the things I have done. Met the people I have met. Loved the people I have loved because through all those experiences I am now truly ready to face whatever is about to come head on.

A lot of people talk about my general looks and often express that I look good for my age. My magic potion for staying young is always finding something to smile about or laugh about.  Other than that I make sure I take care of "me".

So Life in my 50's. I come and I can honestly say I cannot wait!!

Lady G x